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The Forest Path in Valla Woods

The Forest Path is an experiential trail in Valla Woods. At different stations you can learn more about animals and nature, presented in an exciting and educational way.

For example, you can crawl down into a badger’s burrow, become familiar with the tracks and droppings of various animals, learn to recognize different types of trees, and encounter model wild pigs and cows of actual size that are easy to climb on.

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One of the Forest Path’s primary purposes is to give everyone an opportunity for experiences of nature, in nature. The trail is specially adapted for the disabled and works well for both children and adults.

The trail, which is about 1.2 km long, includes a border that leads the visually impaired along the path that encloses the large grazing meadow. There are a total of 8 stations  to investigate by means of sight, touch and hearing.



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