In the Gamla Linköping neighbourhood there are a number of gardens that show how different types of city gardens might have appeared during the past two centuries. There is also an allotment garden and an experience garden, with a focus on accessibility.

vxthuset sept 2005 iii. foto gl  

Ester’s greenhouse

Newly-constructed greenhouse in typical 19th-century style for wintering of sensitive plants.

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huitfeltska grdens trdgrd ii 2009. foto gl

Huitfeltska garden

A high-society city garden from the late 1800s with winding paths and a pavilion.
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Rosenhyddan allotment garden

An allotment garden with well-preserved cottage from the 1940s.

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solliden exterir 2 2008. foto gl  


An urban garden that is reminiscent of the 20th-century home ownership movement.

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sundstrmska trdgrden 2 2009. foto gl  

Sundströmska garden

A high-society urban garden from the 1800s with many exotic features.

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systrarna petterssons trdgrd 2 2008. foto gl  

The Pettersson sisters’ kitchen garden

A modest garden from the 1800s with plants for use and enjoyment.

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Täppan experience garden

A garden to experience with all the senses, especially adapted for the disabled.

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rundel i wrdshustrdgrden 2010. foto gl  

Wärdshus garden

A park-like garden from the 1800s, where you could relax and amuse yourself.

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Herb garden

A large number of herbs and medicinal plants in an 18th century–style herb garden.

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