Cafés & restaurants

Here is a list of the cafés and restaurants you will find in the Old Town Neighbourhood and at Valla Farm.

blommande ppeltrd vid uteserveringen2  

Dahlbergs Café and outdoor service

Old-fashioned café with traditional pastry assortment and sandwiches. During the summer, outdoor seating and ice cream pavilion with a large selection of flavours.

Tel 013 - 12 61 11
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Lunches, events and conferences in an 18th-century environment. During the summer also an ice cream stand and café.

Tel 013 - 12 27 30
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valla minigolf  

Valla mini-golf

At Valla mini-golf course coffee, ice cream and sweets are available. Open when the golf course is open. From June-August grilled items with side dishes are served on some evenings.

Tel 0709-28 44 50
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korvburk liten  

Hot dog stand at Kryddbodtorget

During the summer high season there is a hot dog stand at Kryddbodtorget that serves boiled sausage with bread. Closed until further notice.

Tel info 013 - 12 11 10 Map


vaffla  hjortron  

Ernia Interiör & Våffelstuga

Café with waffles and icecream.

Tel info 013 - 10 30 24

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