Picnics & barbeques

Bringing your own picnic makes an outing even more special. Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum has plenty of pleasant spots where you can have a picnic. There is also a place to barbeque at Valla Farm.

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The Neighbourhood

You can sit down and eat almost anywhere in the neighbourhood. There are benches on several streets and squares. If you are careful, it’s also permitted to sit on the grass in one of the gardens.

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In the grove by the Chapel in the neighbourhood there are a number of tables and benches. These are removed during the winter, but there are stumps and stones to sit on.



Dance Pavilion

If you want to eat under a roof you can go to the Dance Pavilion, located at the edge of Valla Woods. There you can sit on benches or right on the wooden floor. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself. The Dance Pavilion is sometimes booked for program activities, and it is closed during the winter.


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In Ängsladan by Kapellplanen there are covered tables and benches.



Valla Woods

In Valla Woods there are plenty of places to have a picnic. Do keep in mind that Valla Woods is a nature reserve.

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Valla Farm

At Valla Farm there are large green areas with benches and tables.



At the Lill-Valla playground there are covered tables and benches year-round. There is also a place to barbeque. Don’t forget to bring your own wood.




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