At Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum we work continuously to make it easier for those who have disabilities to visit us. Please contact us before your visit so that we can tell you more about the existing possibilities.

Walking lanes

On most of the streets in the neighbourhood special walking lanes have been laid out, which are designed to help the disabled move around more easily.

Disabled access in the buildings

Certain buildings are completely handicap accessible, with accessible entrance, elevator and handicap toilets. Examples are the exhibition space Curmanska magasinet, Fenomenmagasinet, Wärdshuset and Dahlbergs café. Other buildings with museums and shops are accessible for wheelchairs using movable ramps.

Disabled toilets

There are disabled toilets in Fenomenmagasinet, Wärdshuset Gamla Linköping, Dahlbergs café, Curmanska magasinet and in the general toilets at the Chapel.

kossor p skogsstigenIn Valla Woods is the Forest Path

An experiential trail adapted for the disabled. It gives everyone an opportunity to experience nature, in nature.

The trail includes a border that leads the visually impaired along the path that encloses the large grazing meadow. There are 9 stations to investigate by means of touch and hearing, with information about animals, plants and natural phenomena.

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“Täppan” Experiential Garden

This is an example of how a garden can be used by individuals with physical disabilities or impaired vision or hearing. The plants have been selected to provide examples of how everyone should be able to experience the garden, regardless of disability. This is a garden for all the senses, with a focus on accessibility.

The height of the cultivation beds is adapted for individuals with various handicaps, and there are beds at ground, sitting and standing level. The edges of all beds are marked with contrasting colours to make the area well-defined. To entice animal life to the garden there are water features, birdhouses and aromatic plants.

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