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At Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum there is a large parking area, where the parking fee is SEK 5/hour (payment by credit card only). On spaces along Malmslättsvägen there is 2 hours of free parking. There are also parking possibilities at Valla Farm for SEK 5/hour. 

With major events, when our own parking area sometimes gets crowded, there is also the possibility of parking for a fee at Folkets Park on the other side of Malmslättsvägen (directly across from the neighbourhood). Trailer and camper parking is available here. There are also parking overnight possibilities for campers at Valla Farm.

Please note that the Gamla Linköping area is a pedestrian zone.

Bus parking

There is bus parking available in the immediate vicinity of the neighbourhood along Majgatan.

It is simplest to let bus passengers off at the designated area at the start of Majgatan. Then park the bus in one of the parking slots for buses further down Majgatan, at Apelgatan. There is room to turn around in the designated turning area at Vickergatan.

With consideration for the environment and nearby residents, who are disturbed by exhaust fumes and noise, Linköping Municipality’s Environmental Office reminds you that a maximum of 1 minute idling applies, both for boarding and alighting.

There is also parking available at Valla Farm, a 5-10 minute walk from the neighbourhood.For more information, please call +46 (0)13-12 11 10.



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