Valla Woods

Valla Woods is an important part of Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum. Here you can see how important the connection between city, country and forest was in the past. Valla Woods is a nature reserve, with an emphasis on showing how peasants cared for the forest in times past. For that reason the forest is grazed by cows and sheep for part of the year. The forest has also many remnants of a bygone peasant community.

Valla Woods in history

skogen5Valla Woods was used historically as grazing ground for livestock. Even now clear traces can be seen that the forest was used for grazing and divided into pens and enclosed pastures. Cows grazed in the forest until the summer of 1934. Haymaking was also done in Valla Woods long ago.

Ancient remains in the forest are evidence of a peasant coomunity made up of solitary, scattered farms. There are ancient fields and stone rows, that is, remnants of fences for animals. There are also ravines, which were travel and transport routes in ancient times, and old burial places in the form of cairns and grave fields. All this can clearly be seen in the terrain, especially in the south end of the woods, in the vicinity of Vallabackarna, the likely location of one of the farms..



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